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My Mensa - American Mensa
  • My Mensa - American Mensa

  • My Mensa is your Mensa. potted plant American Mensa continues to grow and ...

American Mensa
  • American Mensa

  • With more than 50000 members, American Mensa is the largest national Mensa operating under the auspices of Mensa International, Ltd.

Connect - American Mensa
  • Connect - American Mensa

  • Connect with other members. Being a member of American Mensa is about ...

Login - American Mensa
  • Login - American Mensa

  • ... Special Interest Groups · Mensa Match · National Office staff · Board contacts ...

Join American Mensa
  • Join American Mensa

  • Certainly — kids can absolutely qualify and join. Gifted youth between 14 and ...

Dues - American Mensa
  • Dues - American Mensa

  • Information about our dues rates and proration, additional family member ...

Take the Mensa Admission Test - American Mensa
Shop Smart with American Mensa
About American Mensa
  • About American Mensa

  • To qualify for Mensa, they scored in the top 2 percent of the general population ...

The Benefits of Mensa Membership - American Mensa
Home - American Mensa Connect
Introducing Mensa Match - American Mensa
Join Mensa Using Your Past Test Scores - American Mensa
Gifted Youth - American Mensa
  • Gifted Youth - American Mensa

  • Mensa reaches out to gifted youth. Young Mensans are one of the fastest- ...

Information for International Members - American Mensa
American Mensa on Facebook
  • American Mensa on Facebook

  • Our members are welcome to join either or both groups. American Mensa ...

Mensa Store - American Mensa
  • Mensa Store - American Mensa

  • The Mensa Store, licensed through Fox Imaging, is the official store of ...

Gifted Youth Admission - American Mensa
Mensa International - Wikipedia
  • Mensa International - Wikipedia

  • Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. It is a non-profit organization open ... This exam is proctored by American Mensa and does not provide a score ... Not logged in; Talk · Contributions · Create account · Log in ...

The Mensa Foundation Scholarship Program - Mensa ...
  • The Mensa Foundation Scholarship Program - Mensa ...

  • U.S. applicants need not be Mensa members. However, college-bound Mensa members and their dependents may also be eligible for one of several $2,500 ...